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A marketplace where kids can safely buy, sell, and trade toys.

Our kid-friendly platform is a tool designed for parents to empower their kids, teaching them financial literacy, and inspiring them to engage in their goals through buying, selling, and trading toys.

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There's no better way for our kids to learn about money than by empowering them to earn money for themselves!

Toytle is their virtual lemonade stand! Teaching our kids how to buy, sell, and trade can help them develop a number of life skills like strong communication, goal setting, and self-motivation. However, most marketplaces are designed for adults. They’re often ridden with exposure to unsafe, inappropriate, and irrelevant content (targeted ads, videos, news feeds, etc.). We knew it was up to us to create a safe space where our kids could engage in their goals, practice life skills (like communication and commerce), and learn about financial literacy.

Partner with your kids to help them achieve their goals.

Toytle is a kid-centric marketplace designed to empower kids to set and achieve goals by safely buying, selling, and trading their items with parental supervision.

Safety is our #1 priority.

Toytle was designed from the parent’s perspective. Messaging and creating listings are the most essential pieces to providing safety and accountability. Our “Guardian Account” ensures that a parent or legal guardian approves every incoming message before it is received by their child, and all newly created listings before they are posted by their child. 

Get rid of those toys they no longer use!

Toytle is a great way to declutter the house from toys your kids no longer use, and help them generate income. It’s fun for the entire family!

Coming soon!!

Make sure to sign up for the waitlist so that we can keep you up to date. We’re going to be releasing Toytle on both the Apple & Google Play stores!

Meet the Toytle Family!

Patrick, Jonna, Ishmael & Asher Elkins – Patrick and Jonna have always wanted to teach their kids a sense of responsibility, and empower them to not only set goals, but find creative ways of achieving them. Their sons Ishmael (11) and Asher (9) had two main sources of income… Christmas, and birthdays. However, waiting around for these special occasions just wasn’t enough. Ishmael and Asher, being 2 very goal oriented boys, often had their hearts set on new, big-ticket items like airsoft guns, PC’s, etc. Since ways of make money around the house can be scarce, they needed a new and innovative way to help them make money. 

The Elkins put their heads together as a family, and set out on a mission to empower kids with a new tool and platform that equips kids to make money, set and achieve goals, and learn about financial literacy. This is how Toytle was born!

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